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What is ALHWays?


ALHWaysTM is our acronym for Abundant Living in Harm’s Way.  It’s a system for enjoying your life – no matter what the external circumstances.  The ALHWaysTM goal is “Sustainable and abundant living and the means to produce and maintain it as our Creator designs and provides whatever the economic conditions.”

The stresses and problems we face locally, regionally, nationally, and globally are widespread – economists call these “macro” problems. They affect entire economies – not just individual businesses or communities.  Our focus, and the focus of rapidly growing numbers of colleagues, friends, and coworkers, is upon “Harm’s Way Solutions” – what we can do on local sustainable levels regardless of what happens at the external.  It is what we call, “Micro Solutions to Macro Problems”.   Micro solutions work locally – where people like you and me and the people we care about most live and work.

Perhaps, in the past, you have seen glimpses of that better life, but lately that vision has become blurred and less frequent. And we increasingly wonder how we could yet experience a better life . . .  a more healthful, productive, and joyful life . . . a life that can provide  for us and for others . . . a life with integrity, peace and harmony . . . We have really good news for you. This better life is here already and near enough to touch and make your own. So you and yours can enjoy ALHWaysTM living.

You can begin immediately to gain real benefits . . . benefits that you can see, feel, and touch. These are tangible benefits . . . benefits that include healthier living . . . living that is affordable . . . and living with real tangible assets . . . resources with which you and yours can meet basic needs . . . assets that can maintain and even increase their value in the future . . . in good times and in bad . . . resources that can build stronger and more sustainable economies and households . . . even if things turn truly bad.

Imagine the peace of mind . . . and the confidence that comes from being better prepared for what lies ahead.

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