Welcome to Sam’s Blog!

150x100 Sam TownsendWelcome to Prepared ALHWays!

This is Sam’s Blog and Sam Townsend shares his decades of experience in Abundant Sustainable Living – what we call ALHWays for Abundant Living in Harm’s Way.

Prepared ALHWaysTM is a fascinating new television series that really helps you make the most of your life – for you and those you care about most – in an Abundant and Biblical Sustainable fashion.   We focus on the ALHWays Tree of Life” – and its three branches – Health, Wealth and Sustainable Living.

We are happy to welcome you to the growing family of  folks, coast-to-coast, who are already joyfully living their best lives – no matter what external circumstances might look like.  It’s what we call Abundant Living in Harm’s Way  – living a great life ALHWays!