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Prepared ALHWays » Abundant Sustainable Living » Comments from Kerry Fink – ALHWays Co-Host

Comments from Kerry Fink – ALHWays Co-Host

Kerry Fink“One thing we’ve noticed as study how people are enjoying Abundant Sustainable Living – what we call “Abundant Living in Harm’s Way” – or ALHWays for short – it that everyone seems to have a story of someone in their family, if not themselves, who has at one time or another thought themselves “odd” because they decided to “home school”, “to set up their own vegetable garden”, “to try to hold down their energy bills through sustainable supply sources”, “to try a healthier way than another prescription at the doctor”, etc.  The list is endless.  What we have discovered is it really adds up to a huge and growing movement.  While some people talk about “green”, others talk about “survival”.  Some say “off-the-grid”, others speak “organic”.   What they really seem to have in common is that they see the problems affecting their ability to enjoy great lives and have set out to do something about it.  Our Prepared ALHWays programs are really dedicated to those millions of people who are not passively standing by waiting for the other shoe to drop, but instead are, in a biblical and enjoyable fashion, taking charge of their lives and enjoying their interaction with family and friends in healthy prepared ways.”