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620x200-What-to-Do-About-the-NewsWhat to Do About the News

While today’s headlines tend to offer an increasingly disturbing and depressing outlook on life, “What To Do About the News” is designed to provide Abundant Sustainable Living solutions – what we call Abundant Living in Harm’s Way – or ALHWays, for sort.

Join the growing numbers who are taking charge, in a personal and healhy way, by finding micro solutions to macro problems.

620x200 Sam Blog

Sam’s Blog

Sam Townsend has always had a passion for learning and for finding opportunities hiding inside of problems. From that standpoint, he’s helped many various households and businesses survive and thrive in today’s seriously dysfunctional modern society and that provides him with the biggest opportunity of all!

Author/Teacher/Businessman, Sustainable Living expert Samuel W. Townsend, Jr. holds a BA Degree in Economics from Bucknell University and a MBA in Finance from the Wharton School. Sam has been a senior lender and President and CEO of various banks and served as a director of many banks and affiliated corporations. He has been a registered investment advisor and investment manager, a business and personal financial planner, and a management consultant to various businesses and Christian ministries.

Besides his work with Prepared ALHWays and related programs, Sam  manages family investments and is mainly engaged in “last days” stewardship and Christian living ministry. He is President of Be In Wholeness, Inc., a 501(c)(3) ministry teaching and supporting biblical healing and wholeness.  Sam is a sought-after speaker and consultant on “last days” living and productive economy issues and is Chairman of Townsend Advisory Group and of Harm’s Way Solutions.

You can reach Sam at SamTownsend@ALHWays.com.

This information is solely the opinion of the writer except as noted and is for general educational purposes only and its accuracy is not guaranteed. This is not to be construed as either medical advice or as client-specific investment advice.
The reader is responsible for evaluating and assuming their own health or investment risks which may be considerable and bears sole responsibility for whatever action they may or may not take as a consequence of reading this report.